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- The Bridge Center Panama


We invite you to get to know The Bridge Center, a prestigious pioneer center focusing on  mental health, emotional well being,  education and family orientation. Our  multidisciplinary   team approach is what you are looking for when dealing with children, couples, family, and educational issues. We offer a balanced approach to solving emotional, psychological or psychiatric issues that you or a loved one may ecounter.  However, we also provide general support and firmly believe in prevention.

TBC 372 CD

Our mission is to maximize the personal growth of your child, adolescent,  and also help the adults and their families..  We work  in close collaboration with the individual, the family, the school system and the community, depending on your needs.

We offer a unique and novel alternative to increase the potential that every human being has within. Our  team  consists of  child, adolescent and adult psychiatrists, educational psychologists, coaches, mindfulness meditation coaches, and individual, family and couple´s therapists, specialized tutors, all working together  to help you with your needs and achieving your goals.   Instead of  labeling situations, or people,  we want to bring understanding to challenges,  solve problems and get your child,  you and  your family on the path to success and happiness.

We offer the highest profesional  quality  and ethical standards.  Our team offers years of experience working with children, adolescents, adults  and families, from the local and the international community. Our team offers bilingual services and a broad experience with multicultural issues and expat families.

We are  located in Costa del Este, in a state of the art building, with a fantastic ocean view, our  facility has been designed to offer you with comfort, access to technology, safety,  and privacy so that you, your family and loved ones, will walk  into a peaceful and friendly place. We like to build bridges with the person, the community,  and help our patients go and build bridges within themselves.

TBC 403 CD