Maria Alejandra Palacios

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Psychologist graduated with honors ( Cum Laude ) from Santa Maria La Antigua University . She earned a masters in Family and Couples Therapy at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale , United States. Currently holds professional clinical practice at The Bridge Center and is also Master Specialist The College of Panama .

While completing her graduate studies in the United States, She gained experience directly related to child development and its disorders , especially autism spectrum disorder . She had  the opportunity to lead support groups, psycho educational and psychotherapy for parents, grandparents, siblings and other relatives of children with autism and other developmental disorders .

She gained experience in providing counseling services to students with academic , behavioral , social and / or emotional difficulties. She also led groups and workshops for children and adolescents in order to strengthen relationships and enhance the school experience.

She services to individuals , parents and families who want to improve their relationships and make their personal, family and / or professional experience more satisfying. She specializes in working with parents who wish to support in the behavioral management of their children and strengthen the links between them . Also provides care to both school age children and teens who will be difficult school experience already for reasons of academic , behavioral or emotional / social. Additionally, she offers services targeted families with children or children with special educational needs ( SEN ) both support the individual with SEN in their school experience , and psychological support for families .