Ana Lucia Obregón De Ruiz

Ana Lucia is a middle school counselor and Coach for teenagers at Balboa Academy, her offices are  located on the third floor of Balboa Middle School in Clayton and one in the Bridge Center located in Costa del Este office.

Her office is always open to help parents and students , its main goal is to provide an environment where students can become positive individuals control their learning and therefore their lives.

She holds a degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Education from the Universidad del Norte and over 20 years of experience working with children and adolescents , she as served as professor of pre – school and kindergarten , as a psychologist elementary and middle school and the last three years as Coach of teenagers in the Bridge Center.

Ana Lucia helps families find different educational alternatives , to select and evaluate the path you want to give to their lives.

As a counselor and coach, working with individuals, families and groups. She helps them identify their needs, improve interpersonal relationships , promote their positive attitudes and choices, help teachers and parents better serve students , guide them on the best options offered by the community according to their needs, help students in the process of growing up , give preventive services and always maintaining the patients privacy.

Each year she takes part of  the ASCA Conference (American School Counselor Association) where the latest trends , research, interventions and tools used are presented . To be up to date on best pracitces is a priority and a guarantee that is offered to all customers.

Service Coaching and Counseling is offered in both Spanish and English.